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Currently, my tics are flinging my arms to the side, blinking my eyes, kicking my right leg, dragging my foot, stretching my nose to the left, stretching my neck to the left, and sucking in my throughout like a fringe. Through out my life with Tourettes Syndrome, challenges were always present in anything I did. Problems always occurred, whether I was ready for them or not. “My son had a dormant Tourettes Gene. It became active when a psychiatrist went the easy route and decided to put him on a stimulant drug, Ritalin, when there was Bipolar on the father’s genetic side. A stimulant drug should NEVER be prescribed when there is Bipolar in the history. Within 36 hours my son’s Tourettes gene was activated. That was 11 years ago,” my mom said about me on November 3, 2010. I have many stories to tell about my life with TS.

When I was in middle school, I had a vocal tic that made me cough very loud. I was always sent outside. I didn’t do as well in the class as I could of because of missing so much of the info while it was being taught. The teacher was very strict and he didn’t really have any tolerance for disturbance.

I’ve gone through the name calling stage. My nickname was “TicMan”. I never pretended that my TS were not there. I just smile back and pretend they were my best friends making a simple and non-harmful joke. It worked. They left me alone. If you don’t react, they don’t have any fun.

My mom told me an interesting story sometime in mid March. She told me that she showed the Acorn article,, to a 29-year-old man in a restaurant in Agoura and he almost broke down in tears. Seems he had Tourettes and his family and him have been diddling it his whole life. He called Tourettes a disease. It was incredible to listen to my mom told me. She told him there was no reason to hide his disability and that it is NOT A DISEASE! I thought to myself how I’m really not alone in this world and how people have nothing to be ashamed of. We are who we are and although I hate the tics, Tourettes has made me a better person than I would have been without it.

There are so many stories through out my life; it is hard to remember them all. My life has been very difficult, but if I had the choice to redo it WITHOUT TS, I would say no. This is who I am and I never would want it any different.


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