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Grow Your Company Beyond Hard Stops

Grow Your Company Beyond Hard Stops

As more customers come online across the world, there’s more chance than ever for marketers to reach potential customers outside of your boundaries. Actually, research shows that customers aren’t worried about where a company is based as long as they’re happy with the product or service. For instance, 96% of individuals did not know that Booking.com is in the Netherlands, and of those, 90% said this wouldn’t affect the likelihood of their purchasing in the company.

To get started, have a look at our Official Guide to Expanding Internationally with AdWords. This four-step guide summarizes best practices and completely free resources which may help advertisers find more clients in new nations.

There are many resources and tools for businesses seeking to expand. By way of instance, Economy Finder is a powerful tool constructed with insights from Google Search to prioritize the top markets for your business based on search volumes on your class, ease of doing business, consumer purchasing power, and much more. It is available in the United States, UK, and China, with more nations on the way in 2018. Another resource is Consumer Barometer, which assists advertisers understand about customer tastes and trends. Were you aware that clothing, books, cosmetics, and computer hardware/software are the goods most frequently bought online from overseas? 2 Last but not least, tap into the Move Global Community for the newest study on emerging market trends, discussions with international market specialists, and updates on fresh advertisements innovations. Companies from all over the globe have developed their companies with these tools. For example:

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French DIY website ManoMano offers two million products in 750 sellers, including electrical, hardware, furniture and resources. Customers love gardening and outdoor activities in hot seasons and indoor projects throughout the winter. ManoMano predicted these buy patterns, understood consumer trends in each market, and participated customers with timely, localized campaigns. Because of this, its sales more than doubled in 2016, also ManoMano currently has nearly 2 million clients across Europe, together with localized websites in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

It is more important than ever for businesses, large and small, to think beyond boundaries with all our Guide to Expanding Internationally. It’s a small world, after all.

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Posted on February 24, 2018

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