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Giving back to the Disability Network

Definite Possiblities giving back to families and children with disabilities.


Special education remains in place until age 22 or graduation, whichever occurs first. After exiting the
public school system, the reality is few with Autism and other disabilities live on their own.

Isolation, socialization, learning disabilities, and other co-morbid issues present challenges as these children must transition into young adults coping with their disabilities. While most people desire to work, the majority do not find jobs.Youth unemployment is a serious concern.Forward-thinking parents should start planning an employment strategy when their child is 14 years old.


Each year 300,000 students with disabilities age out of the public school system to voyage into an uncertain future. Most do not go to college or find a job. Only a small percent will find part-time work at minimum wage.

This often leads to financial and emotional pressure on family members, poor health, legal problems as nhs claims, and poverty.

  • – 58% with Autism are employed (includes supportive employment)
  • – 25% of people qualifying for SSI collect it
  • – 8% of workers in the US has a child with a disability
  • – 80% do not know what to do after high school graduation
  • – 75% receive little to no support or services after high school
  • – 79% with Autism worked part-time


Teens and young adults with disabilities must find ways to use their creative talents and skills to bring art, beautiful jewelry, music, and other business ideas to the employment market. They are using their acquired skills to lead them to becoming their own boss while developing valuable interpersonal skills and taking charge of their own life. They are able to make their own decisions and control their own successes.

The Benefits of Owning a Business:

  • – Feel empowered to participant in plans, activities, and decisions that have a direct impact on their future
  • – Maintain flexibility to schedule work time based on their body’s needs
  • – Independence, to earn money on their own terms, and following a series of tips to fulfill a life plan.
  • – Develop life skills, find independence and become self-sufficient

Definite Possibilities will provide you the opportunity to level the playing field in the real world of business. We will create and implement a result-driven, common sense internet marketing strategy that will transform your small business into to a growing enterprise. With Definite Possibilities in your corner, you will benefit from working with an internet marketing company that supports businesses run by people with disabilities (or their parents) while promoting disability advocacy.</3>