Fore Golf Foundation

Fore Golf Foundation


To contribute and support humanitarian programs particularly to empowering women through education (educational grants) and social involvement (participation to awareness campaign in support to Hans-George Gadamer 12 world problems Palmer, Richard. “How Hans-Georg Gadamer offers openings to a postmodern perspective.” Twelve World Problems. N.p., n.d. Web.

To help resolve rising women’s social issues such as battered women’s justice program, human trafficking local and international cases as necessary by spreading awareness and providing direct or indirect support to victims and their families. To promote gender equality in athletics and sports particularly in Golf. By conducting free clinic for aspiring Jr. Golfer.

Lion’s Optometric Vision Clinic

“The Lion’s Optometric Vision Clinic (LOVC) was created in 1963 as a service project, with the support of the local San Diego County Lions Clubs. The first clinic was located in the Blind Recreation Center and later moved to its own clinic below the center. The LOVC was established to provide vision care to individuals in our community that could not otherwise afford adequate care. This service has provided eyeglasses to over 10,000 individuals. More than 200 San Diego agencies currently refer patients to the clinic. Each patient must meet certain criteria in order to receive benefits from the clinic. It has been the tireless effort and dedication of volunteers from the Lions Club and the San Diego County Optometric Society that have made this a successful project.

In August 2000, the clinic moved to its present location on the Third Floor of the newly built Blind Community Center on Upas Street. The clinic has two fully equipped exam lanes for optometric examinations. The most modern optical instruments and professional diagnostic equipment available at the time was purchased through donations of Lions International Foundation, the San Diego County Optometric Society and Lions Clubs of District 4L6, as well as individual donors. The clinic is staffed by three employees, an Office Manager, an Optician and an Optometric Assistant. The members of the San Diego County Optometric Society volunteer their professional services and time Monday through Fridays. Complete optometric care is available including examination for lenses, dispensing glasses, glaucoma and other eye health screenings, evaluation for low vision appliances and consulting services for other related vision problems.”