Video Production

Video Production

Our goal is to be a part of our clients’ successes. Our primary mission and passion with our video production is to tell our clients’ stories, and to help share their message. We provide corporate videos for events, web, marketing and training to do just that. We offer professional video production services with high-quality craftsmanship in all phases of production, including project development, scripts and storyboards, talent and location scouting, on-location, non-linear editing, 3D animation and motion graphics, and video marketing strategies, including digital advertising and video brochures.

Our video services include

  • video productionVideo Production Company
  • White Board Animation
  • Explainer Video
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Storyboarding
  • Project Development
  • Green Screen
  • Video Brochures

Your customers remember


of what they read


of what they hear


of what they see


of what they see and hear

The written word doesn’t convey the passion or the excitement that can be communicated by a well-produced video production.

Corporate video is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

Bring your company and products to life. Definite Possibilities can help to get you noticed and create new business.

Elements for a successful Video Production


Pre-production is the planning stage of your shoot, and occurs before the camera starts rolling. This is the most important step in your video production; it also takes the most time. The script is written and finalized by the client, then actors are auditioned, locations are scouted and equipment is chosen, all the time being aware of the client’s budget. By creating storyboards, scouting locations, and figuring out the budget ahead of time, your production will be free of unnecessary worry. The quality of a video production depends on the amount of planning and preparation that goes into it, so the pre-production step requires the most time and effort on both the client and producer’s side.


Production is the filming stage of your shoot which includes cinematography, audio and lights, as well as directing, art and effects.

Post Production

Post production begins when your camera stops rolling. The following elements will help you make the most of the footage you captured by providing you with plenty of tips and tricks, as well as picture and sound editing techniques to help with your post production needs.


Whether you’re putting your video on a DVD, uploading to the internet or to a mobile device, there is a multitude of video formats and compression settings to consider. Having a strong knowledge in authoring will help you immensely when it comes to distributing your video.


You can mimic Hollywood movie effects by chroma keying, using green screens, creating your own titles, adding mattes and time remapping. By knowing how to create graphics and composite video you will be able to take your videos to the next level.

Video Editing

Video editing allows you to assemble all of your shots into one cohesive story, along with the ability to color correct, add effects and titles.

Sound Editing

Sound editing is the process of cleaning up audio, adding effects and music, and performing any other sweetening that your audio may need. Editing your sound is a great way to get evenly mixed audio that sounds professional.

This is a brief list:

Meeting Openers
  • On site edit services
  • Training Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Convention” happy snaps ” videos
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing videos
  • Commercials Documentaries
  • Product Demos
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Employee Orientation
  • Corporate Videos
  • Educational Programs

Definite Possibilities is a full-service production company. From formulating your original concepts, to editing the final edited master – we can do it all! We can assist in script writing, talent selection, directing, lighting, shooting (multiple cameras), proper audio set-up and operation, voiceover work, music bed selection and everything in between to make your production the very best it can be.

Website Development

Lead Generation Based Website Design and Development

We deliver advanced digital experiences for companies and brands by utilizing innovation, idea, & involvement.

Creativity. We define it.

Through amazing and mindful conferences, we can discover what your taste is, what you exactly need, whether it is a basic informative or a high-end multimedia site.

Innovation. Years of Expertise.

In today’s competitive commercial space, you are either the best, or you are deserted. With traffic moving towards mobiles use, one can’t stand to have an online presence without a solid mobile interface.

Website design and development is the base of all online marketing and branding. It brings each part of your business together on the Web. It helps you oversee, convey and share your content, items, and services all the more productively. Web design and development without a doubt helps you enhance customer care and build reputation worldwide. It’s the primary place to get started with, whether you’re launching another item or you’re going for a mobile site.

Your Custom Tailored Web Solution

Web Design

  • Unique Web Designs
  • Industry-Standard Design Strategy
  • Clean Coding

Custom Ux

  • Extended Functionality
  • Elevated Audience Engagement
  • Mobile Compatibility

Custom Web &
Mobile Development

  • Professional Module Development
  • Tackle Theme and Plugin Errors

We work with you at all times.

Can’t locate the ideal web platform for you? Give us a chance to design a perfect web solution as per your need. Custom means exceptional, and that is precisely what we do. We tailor our sites totally around your business and your objectives. With digital designers, and expert developers, your site will be the ideal fit. Get innovative with your design, and let us breathe life into your vision.

Is there a particular purpose that you need? We can create it simply the way you need it. By collaborating with our web development services, you guarantee a productive web system that will acquire the outcomes you need.

Why Definite Possibilities?

Custom Web Development

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Coding
  • Custom Module Development
  • Systems Integrations Specialists
  • Clean Theme and Style Coding
  • Ongoing Technical Web Support

Vision & Design

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Coding
  • Custom Module Development
  • Systems Integrations Specialists
  • Clean Theme and Style Coding
  • Ongoing Technical Web Support


  • Optimal Resource Management
  • Time to Market 31.3% Faster
  • Proven Project Management Processes
  • Innovative Caching Technologies
  • Expert Server Optimization

Digital Strategy

  • Increase Rankings Through Effective SEO
  • Maximize Conversions through Pay Per Click
  • Generate Reactions Through Content
  • Boosted Email Campaign Open Rates
  • Create Effective Social Media Profiles

Make a hitting site with the ability to achieve interest of every visitor. Utilize the most recent strategies in Web-based innovation and analytics and planning to win users’ interest and impact your commercial space.

Discover what your users need to see on the web.
Call (818) 716-9300 to make your online brand work, as well as win.

Upon request, we provide FDIC, SEC, CDC, DRE, ABA, AMA, OSHA, HIPPA, government or association organization compliant websites.

Website development

Website Design

What is Responsive web design?

  • www(One URL)


  • Single Content


  • Html5 (one code)


  • css3


  • Responsive

We offer web design services that modify nimbly to fit on a desktop, Smartphone, tablet, laptop, and PDA browser.

Key Features of responsive Web design

  • Flexible Grid
  • Flexible Images
  • css3 media queries & Screen resolutions

Why does responsive design matter?


Of shoppers are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site


Of people have a mobile device with them 24/7.


Of traffic to
major e-commerce
sites come from
mobile devices.

Advantages of responsive web design

  • Improve its visibility on all screens

  • Save money and save time

  • Improve SEO for search engines

  • Best performance

  • Wide browser support

Why you NEED this?

Advantages of Going With a Responsive Design

People say a mobile-friendly site saves users time.


People said a company whose website loads properly on smartphones cares more about their business.


People say a mobile-friendly site relieves stress.


People say they will use a site more if it is mobile friendly.


Graphic Design

Graphic Design

At Definite Possibilities, we strive to provide you with visually consistent, cohesive images. As part of your design package, we also compile visual and verbal brand communications guidelines. These are the strategic key statements, which provide a standard for the strategic handling of the brand by all stakeholders.

Based on our research and the approved brand expectations, we will conceptualize and design a brand mark that will create a connection with your target market, bring interest and encourage action. This brand implementation would be deliverables such as a logo, messaging, business cards, website, and other branding necessities. All of these materials will be at the forefront of building your brand, along with the way you react and how customers react to you.

See Our Creative work on Our Portfolio

How to Get Started

Amazing results are what drive us, and we love to journey side by side with you to bridge the gap between creativity and strategic business outcomes. With our monthly retained services packages, you have access to our full suite of services including web development, digital marketing and social media mananagment. Our retained services packages includes branding, website development, social media, content creation, inbound marketing, blogging, PPC, SEO, SEM, and much more. Everything you need to have a digital marketing department is included in our packages.

Contact us today for pricing and options.

Our Capabilities


We provide full corporate collateral identity, including logo and stationery design. As a full-service design agency, we want to insure that your identity is consistent across all platforms, from web design to letterhead, business cards to online advertising banners.


Brochures are a particular specialty of Definite Possibilities. We have created hundreds of effective and informative pieces of literature to effectively deliver your message. From bi-fold to tri-fold, square-cut or die-cut designs, we can offer designs to meet your communication needs.

Presentations / Proposals / Reports

Definite Possibilities understands that both your internal and external messaging needs to be consistent and professional. Let us help you wow key stakeholders in your business with materials that reflect the growth you’ve achieved and the goals you hope to reach. We produce short or high runs, wire bound, tape bound, full color, full bleeds, anything you need.


Folders are an elegant and effective way to organize your materials and present them to clients and customers with polish. We can help you design custom folders with pockets, business card slits, full color, full bleeds, foil printing; the list goes on.


Provide your customers with custom-designed packaging. We can produce everything from the inserts and tray cards to full jackets with full color and full bleeds.

Postcards & Rack Cards

We provide full post cards and rack designs. As a full-service design agency, we want to insure that your identity is consistent across all platforms, from web design to letterhead, business cards to online advertising banners.

Business Cards

From simple one-color cards to full color, full photographic, two-sided glossy cards with full bleeds, we can design cards that speak to your brand. Are you interested in cards with an irregular size or shape? Do you want cards with die cuts or foil printing? We work with some of the best local printers to bring your vision to life.

Print Management

If it can be printed, Definite Possibilities can design it, and help with the actual printing. We are happy to serve as a liaison between you and the printer, so you can focus on your business without having to worry about print deadlines, file types, paper weights or delivery methods. We can take care of everything for you.


User-centered design is just a starting point. Equipped with insights from content to analytics, our iterative UX design process is driven by both skill and magic. As a result, sites see improved user experience including increased customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, lowered abandon rates and even decreased customer service requests.

Ready to get started?


Social Media Management

The Best Social
Media Management

Save Time And Generate Results

Streamlining your social media for conversions

With our social media management, we offer businesses additional time and more results. Our broad experience demonstrates that our company knows generally accepted methods to advance your social media channels to fulfill your advertising targets. We have involvement with transforming social media promoting investments into more leads and deals.

Whether you deal in real estate, shopper items, or not-for-profits, our social media management help position your business for achievement. While other social media marketing agencies or companies may utilize insufficient automation for social networking, our company values driving genuine, natural activity to our customers’ sites and storefronts.

  • Attract Relevant Followers
  • Engage with Quality Content
  • Sell to Engaged Audience
  • Retarget to Increase Conversions

Why do you need a social media management company?

Your customers are on social media.

Notwithstanding what industry your business is in, your users are utilizing social media regularly. It is essential that you keep them drawn in and associated with your brand, so that you’re generally their first choice.

There are people searching for your company.

In the event that your business is putting forth an item or administration, you can wager that there are individuals discussing it and searching for companies that give it. Our social media will help your business join the discussion and create new leads.

People are talking about your company on social media.

You have to listen to what your users are saying in regards to your brand on social media and react to their issues. Our social media management concentrate on highlighting the positive parts of what your company brings to the table and reacts genuinely to negative comments.

Companies deserve expert social media management.

Most entrepreneurs and marketing experts don’t have room schedule-wise to deal with the greater part of their social media channels. Every individual in our firm has years of experience and qualified knowledge in social media. Our team can help you achieve your marketing objectives and increase your userbase.

We Help You Reach A New Customer
Base By Doing The Following:

We Create Unique Content
For Your Business

Content creation comprises the production of posts that go out on your social media channels. We create content by characterizing how your brand wants to connect with its group of onlookers. This could make content that speaks to individuals about your brand, stimulates them to make a move, or guide them more about industry-related news to connect with their advantage. We separate from other online networking administration organizations by delivering superb content with suitable images that consolidate your logo and color scheme.

We Increase Your Followers

There are two ways we build fans and followers for our customers. It comprises of organic methodologies or paid promoting. In organic approach, we build followers by investing energy every day utilizing hashtags, taking after several individuals, liking other user’s posts, and substantially more. Under this methodology, we commonly build supporters by many individuals every month on Twitter and Instagram.

On stages like Facebook, we expand your fans through paid promoting. We utilize Facebook Advertising experts that know how to utilize Facebook to produce likes at a present normal of $0.30 to $0.50 per like.

We Interact With Your
Potential Customers

Intuitive engagement comprises of drawing in and cooperating with potential customers on social media. This includes posting content that drives likes, retweets, feedbacks, and shares. It additionally includes connecting and joining reliable discussions with individuals who may have a requirement for your item every day.

A Social Media Management Team You Can Count On.

Facebook Management

Facebook is an information-based platform that permits your business to laser target customers. We make drawing in content to build your page likes, post reach, and site activity. The initial step we take is to outline your brand’s page to give your brand a perfect and expert presence. Next, we make and post content three times each week at ideal times. In the event that somebody reverts on a post, our account executives react inside 24 hours.

Twitter Management

Twitter is a micro-blogging webpage that permits your business to have one-on-one discussions with your intended interest group. We post sharable content and associate with individuals consistently to assemble new connections with potential customers.

Instagram Management

Instagram is about telling your brand’s story through engaging images. Presently, it creates the most content engagement for our customers than any stage. We utilize brilliant images and post 1-2 times every week. You should supply the images in case you need to be specific with your choice. Our account executives likewise consolidate high-activity hashtags in posts to reach an expansive gathering of people.

Pinterest, LinkedIn, & More

The rundown of social media stages we oversee in the interest of our customers incorporates Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the sky is the limit from there. We additionally manage audit sites like Yelp, Google+, and Foursquare for the benefit of our customers. The idea is still the same. We develop extraordinary content, draw in your intended interest group, and develop your followers to expand mindfulness and site traffic.

Ready to increase your leads?

You are only 10 seconds from a better media presence.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is what drives companies to the first spot on Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO allows you to customize how your business is seen online and helps your website appear on the first few pages of the search results.

Definite Possibilities offers a variety of services in regards to SEO for white hat sites, which are both effective and managed by experts who understand the importance of organic SEO practices. Services include both on-and off-site optimization, keyword search, strategy, content creation, marketing and more.

All our SEO company services will focus on getting leads for your business so that it can grow to its full potential. Choosing to work with our team of experts provides you with one-of-a-kind campaigns and transparency with all of our work. Also expect on-point validation and lead traction to help achieve your business’ goals.


Why You Will Love Working with Definite Possibilities

Get an Entire Campaign & a Plan

We provide our clients with everything they need to have a complete campaign instead of just small bits and pieces that don’t provide any value for your company. We are an experienced SEO company that has the experience and knowledge on how to execute many campaigns at once — not only systematically, but also expertly, so that all of our clients receive topnotch results. We provide a unique SEO approach that does more for our clients and gives them a strategic approach. We do everything possible to provide them with reliable results that will get their business noticed.


Get SEO Explained With Clarity

We go past the technical terms. We use easy-to-understand language that our clients will appreciate so that they know what is happening and what we’re doing for them and their business. We want them to fully understand our strategy and approach. Conversely, we appreciate their opinion and input. The better informed our clients are, the better we can provide them with the results they want.

Get Lead Tracking & Validation For Better Results

As an organic SEO firm, we are different from others because we provide and validate sales leads in real time so that clients can have a chance to check and act on leads as they happen. We also regularly provide easy-to-understand campaign reports instead of a bunch of data that is essentially useless.

What Your SEO Campaign Will Feature

We provide our clients with quality SEO campaigns that not only get results, but are also coordinated, structured and implemented for superior leads and results. We make sure that all campaigns are structured properly so that they provide exactly what clients want. We coordinate everything to prevent any inefficiencies or overlapping, and then implement our carefully chosen strategies to make sure that they work and provide quality results. We have a detailed approach to all of our campaigns, which include:

Research & Analysis

Reviewing your business and industry, as well as keywords

Campaign Setup

Implementing specialized lead-tracking systems and other techniques for optimal results



Setting measurable goals, milestones and timeframes


Conducting ongoing off-and on-site tasks.

Analytics & Continuous Improvement

Gathering and understanding data to optimize the campaign

For every campaign we do, we will efficiently collect and evaluate data to recalibrate our clients’ campaigns for optimal results. We’ve refined our SEO ranking process so that it provides proven results for businesses of all sizes, in every market. We also prefer to focus these campaigns so that they receive organic traffic that will convert to both sales leads and more revenue for our clients. Each campaign will have a dedicated account manager that will oversee all activity on a company and will coordinate all communication with our clients. These trained and experienced SEO specialists work full-time to service our clients and are part of our in-house team, which also includes copywriters, strategists, editors, web designers, content marketers, and developers – all working in sync to achieve the results our clients desire.

Things To Be On The Look Out For Quality SEO Experts

For your SEO needs, you’ll want to find an SEO expert that’s not only affordable, but follows the industry’s best practices, as well as delivers the results you want. But that’s not always easy to find since some will provide poor results or cost a fortune to employ. So to help you distinguish between good SEO companies, pay attention to these SEO attributes the company you choose should have:

  • The working relationship between the client and SEO expert should always involve communication and collaboration, so you’ll have to decide if the SEO company’s staff fits in with your own staff and overall business. You’ll have to enjoy working closely with this SEO firm for a while, so you need to make sure that you feel comfortable with them. Ask yourself if the company provides transparency, as well as accountability when managing your account. You want to make sure that you don’t settle for anything less than proven results!
  • Having the right strategy when it comes to SEO campaigns is vital to quality results. They’ll need to research your company, your industry and other pieces of fundamental knowledge to develop the best strategy for each individual client. You should also check if they offer custom campaigns tailored to each one of their clients for the best results.
  • That saying, “You get what you paid for,” holds true when looking for an SEO agency to help with your marketing and sales goals. Make sure that the agency you go with offers competitive pricing.
  • You want a company who has a record of successful SEO campaigns. The more experience the company has, the more likely you are to receive a quality campaign.
  • As a client, you don’t want to be just another account. Instead, you’ll want to make sure that you’re treated as a quality client as if you were their only client. Make sure that the company is willing to go above and beyond for your company to ensure that you get the results your company needs to be successful.

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